Hello, my name is Alicia…

Just a little about me. I am a self-proclaimed nerd which stems from my love of everything from Star Trek and Doctor Who to a love of reading! When I say I love reading that is a bit of an understatement. I read over 200 books in 2018 and read more than 150 in 2019!! I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi but ironically I rely on spell check to do a lot of the heavy lifting in that department! Being outside under the stars is one of my all-time favorite places to be! I am a coffee snob but only drink it maybe once every few weeks. I love classic rock and jazz music. Spontaneity is a way of life for me! I live as a minimalist and have done so since I sold almost everything I had in 2017 in order to live as a digital nomad. I spent 9 amazing months on the road seeing some amazing places and if you want to see where I traveled and see my FAQ about those travels you can go here: Travels. In late July 2018, I decided to take a break from traveling to come back home to North Carolina to be close to family and try to settle down for this season of my life. My time here in North Carolina has been a season of self-discovery in so many ways. Over the last couple of years, I have deconstructed my life and my outlook and rebuilt it with a far more solid understanding than the one I had when I first started. Many of the things I had used to define my life has fallen to the wayside and in the aftermath, I was left with very little. So I have been learning exactly what type of woman I want to be! In August of 2019, I was offered the opportunity to teach. It was a job I never thought I would do. But I have truly loved the opportunity to help young students find and grow their potential! 2020 definitely changed some of my outlook on teaching. Taking myself and the students out of the classroom was a challenge I was able to embrace. But in the long run, teaching my students in person is really my preference. Thankfully I was able to be back in my classroom during the 2020-2021 school year. Upon the start of 2021 while at home with COVID because my roommate brought Covid home for Christmas... I reconnected with a man I met in July 2019 for coffee but fell out of touch with. Upon meeting again when I was fully cleared we quickly found that we felt at home with one another. When you find your person you just know it’s right! On the two-year anniversary of our original meeting on July 2nd we married! So in some places, you may see my name as Alicia Malcomb… That’s my real name but as my maiden name is rather unique and I have created a brand around it I changed my middle name to Zinn! So I am still Alicia Zinn and will continue to do business under that name. Welcome to my journey. I am working on a few projects and am in the process of starting something new with some fellow creatives here in the Charlotte area.

So that is just a little about me!

What started as our Wedding website and turned into our place to share what is going on in our lives together!

  I have always been passionate about sharing the work of creatives everywhere. I am starting with my friends but I would love to see this grow to share content from artists and creatives everywhere.