Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about your Travels?

I had a blog chronicling my travels but have since shifted platforms for my website and the blog is now in an archive. I am in the process of reformatting my story into a PDF ebook/magazine so people can still see my travels and everything. It is one of many projects I have in the works and hope to have it available to share in the near future. 

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego (AKA: Me)?

For my own safety when I was traveling I didn't post my exact location publicly. But since I am no longer traveling I am in the Charlotte area of North Carolina! If you are curious about where I have been the Map to the left is visible by clicking on it this is an interactive Google Map. 

How many states have you been to?

With an ultimate goal of all of them by the end of my travels. I have actually been to many more states than I haven't been to so it usually takes me less time to list the ones I still haven't been to versus the states I have visited. 

The United States I haven't visited are as followed:

What was your favorite place to visit so far? 

This is an incredibly hard question to answer. It is like picking a favorite child or something similar. I enjoyed most of the places I visited in various ways. Some places surprised me as to how much I enjoyed them. I would say I really loved Bellingham, Washington I really enjoyed the Pacific Northwest and I was able to visit Vancouver, BC in Canada and have always wanted to visit. It was beautiful even though I really only got to visit for a few hours but it was beautiful even on a rainy day! My most surprising place to visit was Provo, Utah. I had been to Utah a few years ago but didn't stay for long. On this visit, I was in the Utah Valley and stayed for two days so I could visit the town while I was there. I am a mountain girl so this was such a beautiful place to be. When you walk outside there are mountains on both sides of the town. The historic downtown area has a mountain at the end of the street. I stayed at an AirBnb while there because I didn't know anyone there but the people of Provo made me feel welcome!