Understanding Grace

I have for the greater part of my life lived by a high standard and never wanted anything to separate me from the Lord or to damage the safety I feel and intimacy I experience with Him. I knew that were I to choose to change my ways I would begin to step away from that relationship that I have held as so dear for a very long time in order to experience or do things I wanted to do knowing the consequences and considering them also knowing that forgiveness and grace is there for me were I to rebel but decide to repent of the choices I would make.

Taking a Break

I have a few updates coming but am currently on a break from a lot of things in my life. I am going to take some time off of social media as well as updating my blog. I need to take some time to recalibrate and refocus some things in my life that I have allowed to take me off track. I hope to be back soon but pretty much the month of July I will only be available via text or Facebook Messenger. Otherwise my social media apps will be off of my phone. So long to you all until August.

Lost in the Moment

If you read my last post I gave a quick intro to the philosophy of Stoicism. I mention it because some of what I am going to share is a result of my adoption of Stoic practices in my day to day living. Not much but some of this story was influenced by a quote from my morning exercise from Sunday. I have adopted a certain amount of discipline in bettering myself in every aspect of my life on a daily basic in some form (Spirit, Soul & Body). I develop my Spirit with the practice and study of my Faith, my Soul with the practice and study of Philosophy, and my Body with the practice of healthy eating and regular activity. Last Sunday morning as a part of my morning routine I was reading my morning Stoic Exercise and it had this quote! 

The Wait

Last week I wrote a post with almost the same name. It’s funny that the two subjects I currently need to talk about happened to be homonyms. My hope is that these little pieces of my life can possibly help someone going through something similar or even someone going through something different can find something to learn from my story.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I wanted to take a few minutes to say from my family to yours have a very merry Christmas! I am keeping this short because I want to go be with my family! I do have a lot to share later this week as I close out the years so keep and eye out for my end of year review! I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

New York City Day Two #AliZinNYC

Here are the many adventures of my second day in NYC from The Met and Grand Central to Katz Deli and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) these are the pictures from my second day in NYC. (Quick Note the 360 pictures from the Subway and GCS will be on Facebook so you can interact with them)