New York City Day Two #AliZinNYC

Here are the many adventures of my second day in NYC from The Met and Grand Central to Katz Deli and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) these are the pictures from my second day in NYC. (Quick Note the 360 pictures from the Subway and GCS will be on Facebook so you can interact with them)

The Sky is the Limit!

I am in a season where when I look at the stars I have this feeling of both how big and small at the same time that I am in this universe. I have found myself in a season filled with potential.

Update about Changes...

I'm sorry it has been so long since I have updated... This is partly due to some major changes that have affected my ability to travel and I have also had my schedule full trying to sort through some stuff emotionally also my I haven't had a chance to really edit the pictures from the last few weeks either.

Week Thirty-One

Wow I am super behind on posting. This was actually the week before my birthday. I visited upstate New York before heading down to NYC for my birthday week!

Week Twenty-Nine & Week Thirty

These weeks were combined because of my weird driving days the last few weeks which got thrown off because of Memorial Day and because I managed to end up sick again. Bleh Allergies are the worst!

Week Twenty-Seven

Tell me Wathca know! In Minnesota that basically means "What's up?" The timing of my travels have been incredibly fun! I have manged to time my trip to may it to this area at the perfect time to enjoy the start of spring!

Week Twenty-Six

This week marks six months of traveling for me! Can you believe it? Sometimes I feel like I just left and this journey is still only just beginning!

Week Twenty-Four

I am back to weekly updates! Yay! Sorry after Hawaii it got a little crazy and I was having to do updates on the Fortnight because I had to organize my travel schedule and start venturing east for my goal of visiting New York for my Birthday in June!

Week Nineteen & Week Twenty

Sorry to kinda squish Nineteen in with Twenty It started with me getting back from Hawaii to San Francisco at Midnight the night Daylight Saving Time kicked in an deciding that it would be a great idea to drive all the way to Redding that night.

Week Eighteen

Okay so this is not only a week late but on week seventeen I accidentally posted as Week Eighteen. I was so busy and getting ready to board a plane when I posted and once I landed in Hawaii it was Non Stop!

Week Fifteen

Well it has been a great week in Redding! Mom was only here for a day or two before leaving for a ministry trip so I spent my week with some of my other friends here as well as got some work done!

Week Fourteen

From Home on the Range to Walk of Fame I have been a lot of places this week! I had a blast in Arizona, Los Angelas, Driving up the PCH & finally Redding!