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My Name is Alicia Zinn. Welcome to my journey I hope you enjoy your visit!

While I Was on my Break

Part of the major reason for my respite from social media, blogging and mostly dating over the last couple months was because at the end of July I reached the one year mark of moving back to the Charlotte area. I am sure some people are aware that when I moved back I moved here to be close to family. But when I say close to family it wasn’t meant to mean living with them as a guest in their home for over a year because I couldn’t afford to live anywhere else. I can’t begin to fully cover how grateful I am to my family for taking me in while I have searched for a job enduring one dead lead after another. I have worked my share of part-time and short term opportunities as well as a few temp jobs that didn’t quite lead to anything full-time. The creative field is a very competitive place to work no matter where you are especially with people overseas offering to do the same type of work I am doing for less than minimum wage here. The jobs for graphic design and in house marketing are few and far between and there are so many people in a city this size who are looking for the same type of work as I am, some fresh out of college and some (like me) with years of experience. I interviewed a few weeks ago for a Graphic Design/Office Manager job that had been listed for two weeks and the wonderful lady who brought me in as one of four people she interviewed mentioned having received over 250 almost 300 applicants/resumes for the job. Wow! That is a lot of applicants especially since in Charlotte there are maybe 25-30 graphic design jobs looking to be filled at any given time and with that many people ready and available to do the work it makes it hard to stand out in that size of a crowd. I had taken to messaging people on LinkedIn at companies I want to work at just to show extra initiative and try to find a competitive edge. It has helped but not in the ways I thought it would. I recently had an opportunity find its way to me and this is a job well suited for my skills and gifts. I am so glad glad to have this new opportunity open to me. I will share more about it in the coming weeks as I settle into the job. I want to share a little but about some of the other things I have been thinking about and learning during my break from writing, dating and too much social media. Some of the books I have been reading recently have really challenged me to think different about my career and how I had handled my entrepreneurship. One or two of the books straight up challenged me and I honestly think if I had read a couple of them a few years ago I would have done a lot of things differently. My reading has inspired me and literally given me so much perspective I don’t think I am meant to keep it all to myself. What is really amazing about all of this is that this new job that sought me out is going to help me by providing a steady income and help me stabilize my financial situation which has needed an overhaul for quite some time. The best part of this job is that I am doing something I am gifted for and this job gives me time when I am not working to pursue other endeavors. All that to say I am embarking on a new journey that I feel is part of my call! I am embarking on a Reluctant Venture (A link to come soon). Right now I plan to set it up as a podcast and teaching platform for entrepreneurs looking to start business or grow the one they have started. I want to take so many of the things I have learned over the years of doing some things the right way and other things the wrong way and the lessons I have learned both the easy and the hard way I want to share those things with you. I hope to share with those out there who have thought about starting a business and give them a list of books I wish I had read before starting a business, the free and amazing local resources you have available to you as someone looking to start a business. I want to share with you about knowing when to do it yourself and when to pay a professional. Because there are a few times I did it myself and I should have hired a pro. Right now I am not entirely sure what all of this will look like but in the coming months I plan to start writing content and begin recording a podcast. I am hoping to start off with a weekly show and my goal is to start releasing shows starting by mid to late October. I will start with sharing about some of my journey and about some of the opportunities I have been given. Eventually I will bring in guests. Entrepreneurs who inspire me and who started something small and grew thier companies into something huge. I believe we are all in this together and want to see us all succeed. One of my passions in life is to help others not only find out what they love to do but is to be a part of helping them see the thing they love become a reality for them. If my journey can help with that I know I am doing the thing I love as well! I want to share with you and help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Taking a Break

Taking a Break