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The Wait Continued

This has been the culmination of a long a arduous journey for me. It challenged my stance and I almost ended up down a road I didn’t really want to go down although I was strongly considering it. This is a follow up to my post in January called The Wait. I recommend reading that one first then reading this one. It has taken me longer to write this than I expected but it was necessary for me to see a situation through in order to really finish and share this with you.

Lost in the Moment

If you read my last post I gave a quick intro to the philosophy of Stoicism. I mention it because some of what I am going to share is a result of my adoption of Stoic practices in my day to day living. Not much but some of this story was influenced by a quote from my morning exercise from Sunday. I have adopted a certain amount of discipline in bettering myself in every aspect of my life on a daily basic in some form (Spirit, Soul & Body). I develop my Spirit with the practice and study of my Faith, my Soul with the practice and study of Philosophy, and my Body with the practice of healthy eating and regular activity. Last Sunday morning as a part of my morning routine I was reading my morning Stoic Exercise and it had this quote!