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Target Daze

Target Daze

I am not usually the one to weigh in on these types of subjects because honestly I am not a fan of the endless arguing that comes from the ridiculous people who are too naive to admit that other people have differing opinions and just because you yell louder does not mean that people will change their minds. We all have a right to believe the way that we do in this country and I as a christian don’t believe in yelling the gospel in your face will cause you to want to believe the same way that I do. That all being said I wanted to take a moment to talk about a very controversial subject Last Tuesday Target announced that they would be “Continuing to Stand for Inclusivity” by allowing Team Members and Guests to use the bathroom and/or changing rooms for the gender they identify as regardless of the gender that they actually are physically. This has been communicated to their Team Members across the nation last week. This is where I could go off about gender identity but I am not because this is not why I am writing this post. My issue is not with those of you struggling to understand who you are as a person in a culture that is making that nearly impossible. I am a 30 year old woman with no kids but a majority of my friends have a couple kids. Most of those ladies are some of the biggest fans of Target because the have cute clothes and decor! Also if you happen to live near a Super Target it can be a one stop shop for groceries and all kinds of other goodies especially around any holiday! Those moms like many of my friends make up a large percent of Target shoppers. The other day I read a post on Facebook that I asked if I could quote because she helps me make a point:

** edit – I’m ok if we don’t see things the same way
**second edit. I’m not bashing target or the LGBT community. I’m asking, what now?

Today I ran into Target to grab toilet paper but stopped at the restrooms first.
I have my kid, diaper bag and small purse….I’m in what I consider “the safe zone” which is where I let my guard down and just ‘mom it’.
Imagine my surprise when I come out of the stall and see a man standing, leaning against a wall….just looking at us.
My first thought was “Jesus help” annnnd I’m not allowed to say what my next thoughts were because….well

As I calmly protected Emma behind me, I firmly told him that he needed to leave and his response was “I can use this restroom if I want”…..NOT “this is the restroom I gender identify with”.
I scooped Ems up and literally ran to the service desk to make a complaint and was told “people can use the restroom of the gender they identify with”.
They weren’t concerned at all when I told them what he said. One of the girls leaned over and whispered that they wouldn’t question him bc it could offend him.
Sooooo, they’d rather offend a warrior mom who’s only thought is protecting their child???

Now…..before anyone gets mad, I get it!!!!!
I understand Target wanting to support the LGBT community.
Honestly, I have no problem with that.
I also personally know several transgender people and also know that if someone is truly transgender, they are, generally speaking (from my experience), kind, accommodating, sincere and try to put someone at ease who is not accustomed to that lifestyle.

What I DO have a problem with are horrible people who will be using this as an opening to prey on others.

This post and a conversation I had with my house mate (Who is a mom of a 1 year old) is why I am posting. This is not a call to action to never shop at Target again or a chance to stir up controversy so I can get more attention. This is me a human being talking about the logic of a corporation that cares about equality but doesn’t think about the safety of  their customers.

I used to work at Target, it was my first job and I hated it but I also am so glad for the experience. It was a good job and I made pretty good money when I worked there. It was the first time I actually knew someone who was Gay and honestly he was one of the nicest managers I had at Target and I never felt that I was unsafe or in danger around him. I can tell you that 16 years ago we had the occasional mandatory meetings about policies and such like “How to handle the Holidays with Style” and “How to Spot a shoplifter!” But I can tell you this if I was a high school kid working at Target right now I can almost guarantee that the conversation above would have gone the same way. Target has taken a stand of inclusivity which is enforced by not taking action because action is offensive. This means that a Target employee cannot or will not approach this issue because their job is in jeopardy if they vocalize a differing opinion, so now the employees have to back that policy whether they agree with it or not. Please remember that when you approach any Target employee you are not speaking to a company but a human being that may feel the exact way that you do but cannot tell you anything aside from what that job requires.

My concern with all of this boils down to two things. Firstly that people are too naive to think that the wrong  people will not take advantage of a policy change like this to misbehave, like with the creep who sees a loophole they can take advantage of without repercussion. I don’t feel like this policy was the wisest move for Target because, the more time creeps show up in the bathroom, the more and more moms will stop shopping in Target. I am sad to hear that a company is playing politics I am also intrigued to find out the financial ramifications this will have on them. Because some moms would rather take my kids in the bathroom at Walmart because they know they won’t find a creep inside taking advantage of this policy. My second concern is inclusivity is becoming an excuse for inaction and image preservation. The heart of this decision is in the right place but this is not a popularity contest where we pick you because you have a good heart. I shop at Target because you have good quality products and maintain order that is often lost in most big box stores not because you pull my heart strings. But you know what store wins my business 90% of the time? Aldi… Which to some shoppers they are chaos! Why do they get my business most of the time? The reason I shop at Aldi is not because they have great prices (which they do) or because I personally don’t care what the label says (which I don’t) but because as a company they understand that the money that they make doesn’t need to got the advertising and brand name products but rather to the people working hard in the stores! Starting pay for a cashier at Aldi is around $12+ an hour. The cashiers sit throughout the shift they also receive benefits. I know that a year and a half ago I was offered a sales floor position at Target for $8 an hour and there aren’t benefits for part time employees. I personally prefer spending my money somewhere that they invest that money into the people that are helping your business succeed instead of products and advertising. The retail industry has no place playing politics and it doesn’t make sense to me personally that they feel the need to.

This is my opinion and you can do with it what you like but I just wanted to say my piece.

Thank You,

Dreaming Outside My Box

Dreaming Outside My Box

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