Week Fifteen

Well it has been a great week in Redding! Mom was only here for a day or two before leaving for a ministry trip so I spent my week with some of my other friends here as well as got some work done!

Week Fourteen

From Home on the Range to Walk of Fame I have been a lot of places this week! I had a blast in Arizona, Los Angelas, Driving up the PCH & finally Redding!

Week Twelve

Things won't always go as planned! But they will turn out fine if you keep your attitude right! This week has had a few obstacles whether changing housing arrangements or the over all health of my host family!

Week Nine

Back on the road again! Yesterday I was driving and then had to work on a couple things pretty late so I wasn't able to update everyone then! It was really cool to ring in the new year one of the places where I grew up!

Week Eight

Has it really been almost two months since I left? Today officially marks the post holidays beginning of this journey! Also Next Monday is the new year!

Week Six

It has been a working week! Not super exciting! I decided to go and visit the beach on Sunday to have a day of reflection to myself.

Week Five

I have been driving for the last couple days and didn't have the chance to update because of that and when I finally stopped I had to catch up with work! So many things to do! I made it safely to Florida!

Week Four

A day later than I have been posting but I didn’t forget about you! The holiday season has officially started! Which means the Christmas tunes start!

Week Three

Time is flying by so quickly! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am posting this on Wednesday but I am sure most folks will not see it until tomorrow morning which happens to be Thanksgiving day!

Week Two

I can’t believe it has already been two weeks! I have really enjoyed being with my grandparents it is fun to spend my day working then my evenings usually watching TV or puzzling with Grandma!

Day Seven

Okay so today was literally the most boring day to tell you about! I went to the store with my Grandma and then I worked most of the day!

Day Five

I made it to NC! Which will kinda be my base of operations for the month of November! There is like a ton of cool stuff today so be sure and read the whole post!

Home Sweet Home

So I know on Day Three I mentioned the Home Sweet Home sign and said there was a story behind it but that had been a long day so I wanted to get some sleep so I would explain later. This is that explanation.