Accidentally Stoic

My name is Alicia Zinn and until December 31, 2018, I had never even heard of Stoicism and to be honest I only knew of it at that point because of a passing conversation with a friend. But a few weeks later after a different conversation with the same friend I found myself not only intrigued enough to look into it. But as I began to study Stoicism I saw the appeal that my friend was seeing in it. The more I learned the more I was realizing that, as a philosophy, I was actually already living by many if not all of the principles that Stoics live by. The philosophy as a whole has taught me so much about myself. In the last few months, I have learned who I am by figuring out how I want to live. I am embracing the Stoic philosophy in my life with all that I have become in this process!

Learn About Stoicism

I have spent the better part of the last few months of my life in the midst of a deep study of Stoicism. I have compiled the resources of what I read and other fantastic resources I was able to find!


Who Am I

My Name is Alicia Zinn. I am a military brat, bible school grad, a nomad, daughter, friend, creative, adventurer fluent in sarcasm and up for just about anything!


About the Book

My recent study of Stoicism has really inspired me to tell my story. It is odd because the book is not specifically about Stoicism. It is the story of my life and how through the course of it I managed to live as a Stoic before ever knowing what Stoicism is,